Pajule town council, Pader district

Where we work

We are big on reading material production, Teacher Training in literacy, Literacy promotion and advocacy as well as consultancy in education/Literacy related projects.

Most of our work is currently with the Ministry of Education and Sports as a field implementor of a literacy program in 30 schools in Mubende District. We anticipate further expansion of our support to more schools and more regions in Uganda. We also have initiatives to serve more Librarians through workshops and trainings, to enable effective use of Libraries.

We are also in a cordial partnership with Room to read, an international NGO on our hyped project called the Ideal Book Collection (IBC) Project. In this, we version, write, develop and distribute quality storybooks to schools in Uganda.

We continue to harness our connections and bring hope partners in education and literacy operations.

These are some of the activities we engage in